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26 September 2018
Bratislava, Slovakia
Innovation Day

Start-up Pitch

The following start-ups will present their concepts and solutions at the Innovation Day. The audience will vote for the most innovative idea. The winner receives the Start-Up & Innovation Award and a financial reward of EUR 2,000.


AGROBOTIX is bringing innovations to agriculture. We have created a machine that can do 95% of the work on the field. The machine is powered by solar energy, saving water, using techniques that give back the soil its natural qualities.
Our mechanical machine has been working on the field for 10 years. We have all the know-how behind the proces of cultivating plants. Now we are developing smart machine which will move on the field autonomously, so the farmers can finally start to really enjoy their job.


CEELABS s.r.o. is a young and progressive innovation-oriented startup in field of ICT with hardware and software development capabilities. Our company is part of University Science Park TECHNICOM at Technical University of Košice. We've developed several unique hardware solutions for energy consumption monitoring for power distributors and smart homes. We have also our own software cloud solution for energy consumption analytics, devices dissagregation, alert triggers, etc

CorOne is a spin-off company focused on non-destructive corrosion monitoring in various industrial sectors covering water, gas pipelines, metallic structures in constructions, packaging materials in food processing up to testing quality of coatings. It covers also highly innovative area of nanosafety, esp. in the development of techniques for assessment of an unknown redox, thermodynamic and corrosion properties of nanoobjects.


Crayonic is developing hyper secure digital identity solutions for people and things. We have started our journey with Crayonic Pen - the first easy to use multi-factor behavioural biometric authentication token -  now we are continuing scaling our secure core technology to protect identity in the IOT world as well. In IOT, our next generation of autonomous sensors are deployed as part of the complete blockchain solution that protects valuable products and their supply chain.



cvmango.com – the innovative central marketplace, platform-based recruitment solution

cvmango.com is a well-trodden shortcut that guarantees new colleagues for companies by sharing applicants, new jobs for applicants and a great way for recruiters, head-hunters and HR companies to promote their top candidates in front of hundreds of companies that have already discovered our platform.


Each blink moisturizes and protects the eye. While working at a computer, many people blink even half the baseline which causes tired, dry or even red eyes. Eyeblink is a desktop app which uses a webcam to detect blinks and in a case of low blink rate, a reminder of a blinking eye shows up. Eyeblink sees by webcam whether the user has blinked and thus the reminder goes away when it is not useful anymore. Eyeblink takes the user experience by its blink detection to the next level.


HandCubeKeys is a special non-contact programmable wooden keyboard for a computer for people with physical, mental and visual impairments and for pupils with specific learning needs who have  difficulties working with the classic keyboard. The keyboard is designed in the style of a wooden floor structure, which features 50 wooden cubes with alphabet letters, digits, pictograms, modifying and application keys (email, browser) and the corresponding pictures.


inovasense is creating innovative sensors and devices for new era of connected industry, logistics, smart city. With our deep expertise in development of ultra low power devices with hardware based security by design, and innovative communication technology, we are ready for your IoT or industry 4.0 challenge. One of our product POSTBOX sensor helps logistics companies to be more effective on collecting post.

Neuron soundware

Neuron soundware develops a detection system that discovers machine problems in real time. By recording noise data via sensors and the subsequent automatic evaluation, damage and abrasion are detected and machine or production breakdowns are prevented. The technology is suitable for use with car engines, wind turbines, point machines and other machines and systems. 


Productoo develops and implements Smart Factory solutions that bring paperless revolution to manufacturing. Our vision is to boost the digital transformation of production and maintenance operations with cutting-edge and intuitive applications. 



RVmagnetics is a development company with the smallest passive sensor of physical quantities based on micro-wires. Sensor contactlessly measures physical quantities (temperature, mechanical stress, torsion, pull, position, magnetic field and more), using one interface. They can be mixed in many materials and used in many areas: Internet of Things, Structural Health Monitoring, Constructions, Biomedical Applications. RVmagnetics is looking for other application partners who can adopt the sensors.


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Bratislava, Slovakia

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